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Hunan Rongrui Power Equipment Co.,ltd is a high-tech oriented company that is capable of product designing, development and producing. It is located in the beautiful Jinshi town, which has nice transportation in both road and water ways.
The power seller of our company is 10-35kv insulated and semi-insulated cooper bus, which is a national new product. The hard-ware, connecting parts and accessories are all specially made in specialized machine. They can apply to a great range of ways, as well as durable and good looking. The main insulation parts of this product was made by automatic spinning machine, and produced in specialized insulated department in stable temperature, humidity and dust free atmosphere. ... MORE>>


Domestic professional soot purification manufacturers

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    Industry Leadership

    Leading Specialty

    Fifteen Years'History

    Fifteen years of industry experience, Rongrui has grown into a leader in the industry, product stability, advanced by the majority of customers recognized!

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    15 YEARS

    Technical Precipitation

    Production Base

    In order to accelerate technology transformation and application, water-soluble formula fertilizers and special fertilizers can ...

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    Sustainable Development

    Specialized services

    While establishing strict quality management system, the company vigorously carries out agrochemical service work ...

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    Management Norms

    Perfect system

    The company continuously optimizes the service team, improves the service quality, and has a stable after-sales service system ...

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